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As an interior designer, I thoroughly enjoy decorating my home for Christmas. I used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, however, after the pandemic, I got a wild hair and the day after Halloween when we put the Halloween decor back in the attic, my husband and I decided to go ahead and get the Christmas storage bins down. We had so much fun decorating early and our son loved it as well. Decorating so early, ensured that we could enjoy the festive season and was mood booster. Since then, we continue to put our Christmas decor out during the first week or two of November. Below I am sharing my favorite Christmas decorations this year!

I have rounded up my favorite Christmas decor items, along with links to make your holiday decorating a little easier!

My most favorite Christmas decor item is our Willow Tree Nativity Set. I purchased ours back in 2017 from Amazon. Jesus is the reason for the season and I love this reminder. You can get this exact set on Amazon at the link below.

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My absolute favorite Christmas Garland is from Hobby Lobby. It is Gold glitter tipped Cedar Garland and it is stunning in person. Unfortunately, it is sold out online and at my local Hobby Lobby, however, you can check your local store and may be able to find some! One friend I told about it, was able to snag the last one in person at her local store. We installed ours outside last year and it held up great!

Alternative Garland I love with great reviews!

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year! I especially enjoy seeing how others decorate their home for the holidays. If you have any questions, need recommendations, or would like a curated Christmas decor list just for you and your home, let me know! I would love to help you create your very own Christmas Decor that is personal to you and your family!

I truly believe you should do what's best for you and your family. Do not ever feel pressured because you see other people who decorate early and feel bad because you haven't yet. You do you! This year, it is mid November and I feel I am personally behind! Remember, I am an interior designer, it is in my job description to decorate. However, I do not decorate because I have to, I do it because it is my passion.

I am choosing to give myself grace for being a little behind schedule. We were on a trip to visit family on Halloween, a stop at Disney World and then returned home with my husband's family. Catching up with our businesses & entertaining, made it impossible to get it up any sooner. But, my heart was needing some Christmas cheer!

Last weekend was the weekend the Mendez casa began decorating for Christmas. When do you decorate for Christmas?

After the pandemic, we decorated a month early on November 1st. In our house we love the process of working together to decorate for Christmas and truly love the cozy feelings the Christmas season brings! After losing my dad, the holidays are difficult. My dad always made Christmas special. I have great memories of him trying on his new swim goggles and swim cap and chasing us around the living room on Christmas morning. Those are the moments we hold onto. We try to honor his memory and make it magical for my son. If you are struggling in this season because of loss or don't feel like celebrating, that is ok too.

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Have a fabulous day and a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading!

Katy Mendez

Owner & Interior Designer

Oak & Linen Interiors

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