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How to make a queen size bed on a budget

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

As an interior designer, I often get asked what I recommend for bedding. Bedding is versatile and sets the mood. Whether you are looking to update your primary bedroom, guestroom or even kids room, selecting the right bedding is so important! My clients hire me to select bedding and the typical requirements are great quality, they want layers but tend to get hot while sleeping. For the best quality, you are going to pay more. Typically, bedding can start anywhere from $300-$1000+. The great news is that you can create a beautiful layered bed on a tight budget. I am showing you how to do it yourself!

Today, I am showing you how I utilized bedding from Amazon, Target and Etsy to create a luxurious guest room bedding set on a small budget.

1. Select your sheets.

Basic, yes, important, also yes! I always select the best quality for my budget. For this room, I did not want to invest a lot, but I want our guests to be comfortable. I selected white organic cotton sheets that have been discontinued. But, a similar set can be found below.

I always suggest white sheets. If you want a secondary set, selecting a color or pattern can be great, but I believe every bed in your home should have at LEAST one white set.

2. Textured quilt or coverlet

I selected a heavyweight 100% linen quilt in a warm Natural color for the 2nd layer of this bed. It is important to decide the style and feel that you want your room to have. Below is the link for the Casaluna Quilt from Target. Highly recommend!

You can't go wrong with a warm neutral layer of bedding! Selecting neutral layers, allows me to change up the other elements on the bed in the future without having to replace everything. Opt out of the bold character bedding or large print for the main layers of your bed. You will get tired of the bold patterns. It is much more cost efficient to be able to change out your decorative pillows than to replace comforters and quilts.

3. 100% Linen Duvet Cover Set

I selected a 100% Linen duvet cover set (included 2 standard shams). I chose white. A white duvet is a great investment. It is easy to clean and maintain. Bleach is your friend with white!

Here is the link to the duvet set I used.

Below is a link similar to the one I used.

4. Don't forget your insert!

Duvet inserts come in all sizes, be sure to double check the dimensions and select the weight that is best for you. Since we live in Florida, I wanted a fluffy layer but do not want guests to be too hot, so I went with a lightweight insert. For those of you in colder climates, you may want a heavier insert.

5. Decorative pillows!

The fun part! This is where you can keep it neutral or select a darker color for contrast, or bright pop of color to liven up your space!

For this room, I needed some contrast because the room was feeling all one color. I went with a burnt orange 100% linen Euro Shams and an extra long lumbar pillow in a black and white pattern. Depending on your style and look, you can change these two elements out to best suit your style.

Here is the link for the linen euro pillow covers. Love them and they come in a ton of color options. They are high quality and will last a long time!

Below is the link to the Euro pillow inserts I used for the burnt orange 100% linen pillow covers.

Thanks for reading! Remember, design is what you make of it! This is a guide, be sure to customize it to best suit your needs! Leave a comment below!

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