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My favorite finds on Amazon Part 1

As a high end interior designer, I have hard to please tendencies and these are my top 5 items I am using right now and highly recommend.

When I was enrolled in design school, I remember this unit from my professor and it said how an interior designer's taste is what clients look for. I never forgot that. I promise to never recommend a product unless I use it myself and or have tried it. Recently, we had family in town and I always find myself sharing my favorite products and that's what inspired this series on the blog!

1. Fridge organizers - we have been using these for about a month now and they not only make the fridge more organized and beautiful, but they also make eating healthy much more accessible. We have eaten all of the strawberries and grapes before they went bad ever since getting these. That NEVER happened before. They prolong the freshness and my child loves grabbing the container and helping himself to healthy foods. 10/10

2. Egg Organizer - another item for the fridge. I have looked at these for awhile but they were not a necessity so I put it off. Well, I finally ordered these and love them! This particular set holds 14 eggs in each container. I found this super helpful because if I am low I buy 2 cartons and can empty them completely into these even with a few left from an older package. I can also see exactly how much are left without having to open the container. Functional and look great in the refrigerator. 10/10

3. Coffee Table books in my home right now

This is Home - is a modern book full of neutral rooms with character. It looks phenomenal on your shelf! Highly recommend.

India Hicks - An entertaining story is full of gorgeous tablescapes and inspiration. I recently gave mine to a client and am purchasing another. HIGHLY recommend. You cannot go wrong with any coffee table books by India Hicks.

This is a must. The large size makes this a great base for stacking. Worth the investment and full of gorgeous rooms.

4. FATCO natural deodorant

Y'all lets get real, I never would have thought I would spend $16+ on deoderant. I have been using this for two years now and its a must have. I have tried other natural deoderants, and with the price of this one going up, I tried Native, Toms, and a few more and none performed well for me. After spending all that money trying those other brands, I realized I needed to stick with what I know and love and pay the extra dollars because it is high quality, more healthy for your body and worth it. The scent is great and not overwhelming. It is light and not sticky.

5. Lightli Candles

I used to purchase these directly from the manufacturer and highly recommend. The price on Amazon is fantastic and they ship straight to you with zero minimum order. You can't beat the price for the quality. Highly recommend. These are durable and look extremely realistic.

Don't forget the remote below.

Well that wraps up my Amazon top 5 for August 2022. Let me know if you decide to try any of these! I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!


Katy May

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